Rely on us and let us create and design your company image. Effektiv-Art has helped many enterprises to find their new image, shape their brand book, their original look and logo. Recently the image of online platforms is even more important, as it reaches more people at the same time. By designing your original logo for online and offline channels we secure your company’s communication.
Grafic design
The style of our clients are shaped during the process of grafic designing determining the basics of communication. Our qualified grafic designers are able to create your cataloge, print materials (with sticking, stanccal, formalakkal, perforációval, everything you need) with short deadlines but with high standards. In the same way, we do online plans, unique design here in our studio.
A product’s package, design is the most important milestone of sales. By unique packaging consumers can be engaged with the product. A product with professional image marks out from the range of good, provides valid infromation about its quality and the producer.
Online services
Today every company has website. All customers have Facebook profiles, most of them express their opinions via blogs, comments, forums and doing so they influence eachother very much. Therefore it is really important to always keep your online communication uptodate, interactive, interesting and informative for your target audience. Successful communication is represented on internet through Facebook, Google, and Youtube contents and on digital platforms through iOS and Android apps. Effektiv-Art can complete all these tasks: create and maintain your webdesign, manage your online operation, update your websites. Lay a charge on us to manage your online strategy: In this way your company will gain a professional online image, will communicate with the target audience efficiently by Facebook campaigns, ads, and unique apps. We plan to multiply the visit of your online content by SEO, online ads and Google Adwords.
Commercials are one of the most expensive adevrtisement methods. However, the world of commercials are changing. The new types of cameras and the delicate afterwork make it possible to create fine TV commercials, animated films, webvideos with moderate costs, whether creating classic commercial, tutorials, cutting and editing or adoption. We utilize the opportunities of Youtube, we can create Your own Youtube channel with regularly updated content.
Strategic planning
Building and maintaining a brand is one of the biggest challenges for an agency. It does not include just one tasks, but it requires lond term solutions to ensure the brand’s vitality and success. Online strategy means more than the use of the internet and eDM. Your digital content must be accessible on mobile devices. That is why it is so important to implement everything based on a deliberate strategy. For the person who would like to build on online strategy the online strategy and content are even more important, as he/ she has to reach the target audience from a bigger group of people and keep its attention very quickly.
Creative concepts
Do you favour a creative commercial full of ideas or boring, conventional ad? Well, your target group thinks the same way! We believe that for advertisement you need to have a deliberative creative concept, which is prepared by our experienced copy writer and our art director armed with amazing ideas for online advertising. The creative advertisement planning with proper texts and genious visual solutions generates real selling, either you thinking about cataloge, online contect, billboard or TV commercial.
Would You like to place stylish ads at any retail settings? You can choose from a range of outdoor/indoor POS materials! We take care of the design, production and placement of POS materials, molinos, plates and displays, so you can be sure that your POS commercials really get the attention.
It is often easier to look for pictures on the interneet. However, a photoshooting is more efficient for unique ideas. Shooting of complicated compositions, outdoor shootings, portfoli shooting featuring with models can be done as quick and flexible as a simple product/object/buildin or enterieur shooting. Moreover, 3D grafic design is able to create real replications.
Who, what, why? We could start explaining that we are a forwardlooking company with great history, but You wouldn’t understand who we really are: The Effektív-Art. Let’s start with who we are not: we are not an expensive global network, we are not a slow multi-mammoth, we are not an advertisement-factory tied up by company regulations and profittargets, nor burnt-out routine-robots.
The rule is that there are no rules. We are a happy and prompt team. We do the creative work gladly, we listen to our clients, we are flexible with the tasks and deadlines, we keep up with the changes instead of getting used to the familiar advertising methods, and most of all: we welcome our clients to our office for a brunch, as a business meeting.
However, the cheerful outfit covers a serious inside. We do have 15 years experience in advertising, successful campaigns, satisfied clients, uprise in sales, multiplied market recognition, consistent strategic planning. Learn more about us and if you like what you see, experience, let us manage your brand, campaign, product launch! We will provide excellent service whether you would like to have businesscards or billboards, online banner campaign or TV commercial.
The first impression always lasts long. It can influence love, friendship, business. Choose your company image wisely so that you can engage with it later on as well.references ››
Grafic design
Print your flyer in the office, if you want to message to the dustbin. But a deliberate print material or a creative online design will more likely to reach your target group!references ››
The world’s most desired product is unperceivable in avarage packaging. But a well designed packaging can promote the brand recognition and the sales at the same time.references ››
Online services
Who is offline, simply does not exist. But how can our online contect be noticed by others? We optimize, we embed, and our friends will help if it is needed.references ››
Nowadays you don’t need millions to create a quality commercial. However, millions can see the most important messages of your company in the most efficient way: by motion pictures.references ››
Strategic planning
We bet that you can recognise your favourite brand’s communication out of 100 materials without seeing its logo! The secret of a brand’s long lasting success lies in its right strategy.references ››
Creative concepts
The attention and the desire must be stimulated. It is suggested to manage this by a idea that is close to the consumer and to the product as well. Well, this is what a creative concept is for!references ››
One of the most important place is where the costumer uses his/her wallet. The last and crucial impulse can be generated by a really stylish and quality POS material.references ››
There is no bigger disappointment, when 1 month later you see the photo of your product launch in an other advertisement. Instead of stock pictures make your own, unique, quality ones!references ››
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